Carbon Footprint – a black print on the environment?

The on-going pandemic has brought the world to a near stand-still. The industries were shut, no buzzing traffic chaos on the road nor in the air. Office spaces were empty, malls and shops were closed and the dominant species of this planet – humans were trapped inside their dens by an unseen contagion. However, during this pandemic, our nature relished the unconfined breath of freshness and freedom. The sky was actually blue and clear, the air was pure to inhale and there was serenity around. The strandedness compelled us to analyse that in the blind marathon of advancement, we have harmed our environment atrociously. The world realized that the warning of climate change is real and actions must be taken immediately and aggressively. Several studies revealed the drastic reduction in Green House Gas (GHG) emissions during the pandemic.  But why do we need to bother about the GHG emissions? Why does it matter? How is it linked to the concept of climate change? All the answers are linked